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by Jenn

I recently purchased Fa products/soap Fa products/soap online via the company website: In this short, yet hopefully thorough review, I will explain, from a consumer standpoint, why I believe this product is so wonderful.
As many of you already know, Fa is one of the best selling lines of bath and shower products in Europe. Though it is a relatively hard-to-find product in the United States, the distributors to the U.S. have done a fantastic job advertising and promoting the product in the States. There is a reason for its worldwide popularity. Not only does it provide the user with such lovely tropical smells as "Caribbean Lemon/Green" and "Fruit/Pink", but it also truly works as a soap should. It cleanses you, while making your skin smell terrific! It is gentle on sensitive skin (I can apply it to my legs immediately after shaving and it still feels great, unlike other soap brands). As stated on the packaging, the Fa soaps are "Dermatologically tested", and "contain precious oils to gently care for your skin". The bar soap weighs 2.8 oz and comes in the standard little cardboard packaging. The soap itself has "FA" engraved into it, and looks quite appealing.
Furthermore, this soap can act as a revitalizer. Like most people, I need that "morning shower" to start the day off on fresh feeling. In addition to that, I have also started to take a warm shower after coming home from work. When doing so, I use the combination of the Fa Foam Bath and the Fa Luxury Bar Soap. It truly gives me that "refreshing feeling" so many soap companies claim their product can do. Something about those Fa fragrances……..they relax you, yet give you energy.
As with any review of a product, it would be unprofessional to omit my dislikes. But, in all sincerity, I have nothing unpleasant to write about Fa! Using Fa soap is truly an "exhilarating experience" (the company's slogan), and I hope the many readers of this column will have a chance to use it.

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A reader response from John Scialli:
Please pass on to the author that I especially liked her mention of the scents. I read it last night and just before my AM shower I found my bar of Dial very boring. I listened briefly to Radio China International on a shortwave radio I just got as a birthday gift (my earlier radio having been lost or stolen during a 1995 move). Although I do not understand the language I might have heard them mention "Fa" during the broadcast and wonder if this soap is appreciated by Communists.
I suppose that information is kept secret.