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Bliss Labs Big Blue bar

by Donna

Bliss Labs is a famous spa in New York. It can be purchased at better cosmetic shops or the bliss web site.

Itīs a general purpose luxury cleaning bar. This is a huge bar of soap, very man size and I must say my son and my husband love it. I does cost a bit...$16.oo for 12 oz of soap. It smells wonderful, a lemon pie sort of smell. It may be to strong for the sensitive types. It bubbles up wonderfully. I wrote “money” on my hand with a felt maker and it took about 10 seconds to wash it completely off. I also made a $ with a permanent marker and the mark was gone after about 20 seconds and some extra wiping. This soap makes you feel very clean and pampered.

I would suggest this soap as a good gift for the man/men in your life because I do not think they would buy it otherwise because of the cost... but... after they try it they may understand your need for costly soaps and lotions. It's an addictive and wonderful product.