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The Kasper Chronicles

PS Note 2004: Kasper now lives happily with Niniane.

back to the nineties:
Kasper used to live on Manege De Seeruyter on Vlieland before he came to stay with us. Originally for a few months, but he never went back. Pictures are inserted below.

These Kasper Chronicle are a compilation of early Kasper stories, in English. Since the collection of stories grew large, I split them in parts of about 50 kilobytes.

The Kasper Chronicles

Be warned

Your writing is somewhat interesting, although not very informative or topical. However, it IS very prolific and takes up a lot of room.
--Mary Lark
Concord, CA
Your trotting is somewhat irregular but not tropical and certainly a good investment.
However you are very poetic and take just the right amount of space.
Cousin John
Phoenix, AZ

Kasper Pictures

 [Veerle en Kasper]
Veerle en Kasper, May 2000

Kasper, december 1998.

 [Kasper and FG]
Kasper and me, snowy park, december 1998.

 [Kasper and Frans]
Kasper and Frans, late summer 1998, on a small cross country course.
Note the leasure riding halter and the ice hockey helmet

 [Kasper as baby]
Kasper, may 12 1992, a few moments after his birth

 [Kasper with Veerle]
Kasper, june 1997, with Veerle

 [Kasper with Veerle]
Kasper, june 1997, chewing on a goody

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