Connie Nygard's diagram for the Rope Halter with Fiador Knot

(and if your knots don't slip like they should, either keep workin' on them or log onto Pat's rope halters).

 [FIADOR diagram]

[halter on horse]
Halter on horse
[knot 1]
Knot 1
[knot 2]
Knot 2 (easier to loosen)

Materials needed
20 feet of 1/4 inch polyester rope.
Matches to melt and seal the ends of rope Measurements are from knot to knot and do not include knot. Make the knots firm but not tight. The last knot in about the middle of the rope is a knot with a loop for the tie loop of the halter. After you tie the tie loop you go back and tie into the knots you have already tied.

To tie into a knot, loosen knot and tie into knot following rope path.

Tie into the left nose knot first. Then then right nose knot to make a double rope over the nose.

Tie into the throat latch knot. Arrange halter as shown so it makes sense. And tie into the right ear knot.

Gather the two 33" sections and tie a big ugly knot at the chin. Test all knots before putting halter on horse. If halter falls apart, knots are not tied correctly. Untie all knots and start over. Slip knots to adjust size of halter. Trim tie ends the same length and melt them with a match to seal the ends.

1995 Connie Nygard
These instructions may be given away but not sold.

Updated Nov 19, 1998