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Jochem 't Hoen Aquarium pictures

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Neetroplus panamense "red" GSPAN/5 '94

It's a Middle American fish(Panama) and I had 6 of them when they were young. After a while one couple showed interest in each other, but the colours weren't right so I removed them from my tank and sold them.

Another male didn't please me either so I sold him too. So I had one female and two males (still young). One couple formed out of these three, and the third male was severely beaten by the couple. I cured him from his wounds in a quarantaine and got rid of him too.

I thought all was going well. The parents took care of the fry for two months and they were all growing. The male probably wanted to mate again, but the female didn't agree with him on that point, so he chased her all over the place. I concluded that my tank (50 gallons) was just too small for this species and I sold the couple. 125 young fish survived, and I sold them too later on that same year.

You all are very curious to see them? I made some pictures
 [male panamense]
A male specimen of the Panamense.
 [2nd male panamense]
Another male specimen of the Panamense.

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